Key questions from our clients:

  • Who is fit for a home office?
  • How and when do you recognise burnout tendencies?
  • How do you optimise the output of your employees?
  • Can we guarantee a 100% job suitability?
  • How do you recognise the potential of an employee?
  • What is an optimal team output?

Use our Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

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Assessment Center

With our systematic focus on strengths and work behavior, we successfully demonstrate the potential of your employees!

advisca Assessment - The Right Decision-Making Foundation

The certified Advisca Assessment team creates independent individual and team assessments using scientifically grounded methods. Within the scope of the assessment, we analyze the suitability of employees and candidates for current and future positions, their performance and potential, as well as their competencies as team leaders, executives, experts, and C-level executives.


The assessment results provide a comprehensive view of strengths and potentials:

✔    Assessments assist in evaluating final candidates or in assessing and developing talents within the existing organization.

    Our assessments provide a well-rounded picture of industry knowledge (real 48-hour business case), market insights, leadership qualities, personality traits, motivation, self-drive, execution capabilities, and values.

✔    Potentials are quickly identifiable, and top talents can be easily differentiated.



Our offering: 

Your Key Advantages - Thanks to advisca Assessments

advisca-Assessments make your personnel decisions more secure and actively support you in talent development and retention management.

  • Proven Assessment Center
  • You receive transparent decision-making foundations
  • Identification of future leadership potential
  • We remove emotions from the decision-making process
  • advisca employs proven methods
  • advisca utilizes the latest and most validated tools
  • We combine industry expertise with assessment competence, resulting in optimal insights into potential, the market, and knowledge of the specific field


advisca Assessments

The advisca Assessment Team is certified and creates independent:

  • Suitability and potential assessments for new hires
  • Potential assessments before role changes
  • Plans and supports the development of employees

advisca assessors combine business-experience as well as psychology expertise and utilize tools from industrial and organizational psychology to make reliable statements and predictions. The format of the assessment and the mix of exercises in the assessments are tailored individually to the requirements of our customers wishes. These include:

  • Performance tests
  • Personality inventories
  • Case studies
  • Computer simulations
  • Interview simulations
  • Individual business cases
  • Presentations

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Are you looking for the optimal and sustainable staffing for a vacant position? Are you striving to assemble your teams as effectively as possible? Are you having trouble motivating and developing frustrated employees?


We conduct a Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) for you! After your (potential) employees have completed the online questionnaire from Thomas International (7-8 minutes), we provide you with in-depth insights into motivation factors, fears, value perceptions, behavior in stressful situations, and possible sources of frustration – all done with the utmost discretion.

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Our team has over 50 years of experience in the field of executive search.

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