On target and successful

Own Active Sourcing Center

Targeted and successful

The way people look for jobs today has changed radically in recent years as a result of digitalisation, and with it recruiting/headhunting.

Our answer to this has been called for over 10 years:

Professional headhunting directly from our own Active Sourcing Center.


Research analysts and direct search specialists

Our specifically trained teams of research analysts and direct approach specialists localize and acquire suitable candidates worldwide with systematic market analysis and high Swiss precision.

We also tap into the 50-60% of candidate markets that do not operate on the usual Internet platforms or social media channels.


Our team has several years of experience in the business world and usually has an academic background:


  • Natural Science Medicine
  • Food Science
  • Natural Science Mathematics
  • Civil Engineering
  • International Management
  • Psychology


Direct search & digital media - we leave nothing to chance

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