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Full-Day Assessment

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Peak Performance: The Full-Day Assessment for Employees and Candidates

In a modern work environment characterized by diversity and change, it is crucial to identify the right talents and harness the full potential of employees. Our full-day assessment provides a comprehensive and in-depth way to evaluate employees and candidates, showcasing their strengths and potentials optimally.

Full-Day Assessment

  • Objective: The aim of the full-day assessment is to reliably test the suitability of candidates and employees for a specific position to avoid costly misplacements.
  • Instruments and Analysis Tools: The full-day assessment is based on the same analysis tools and instruments from industrial and organizational psychology as the half-day assessment. Additionally, a business case specific to the particular position is included, which candidates work on and is subsequently evaluated by certified assessors. When filling executive positions, conducting a full-day assessment is generally recommended."

Our Methodology 

advisca distinguishes itself through a successful combination of extensive business experience across various industries and leadership levels. We offer tailored assessments using both practical and scientifically validated methods and tools from industrial and organizational psychology. We utilize the following tests among others:

  • LJI (Leadership Judgement)
  • PPA (Personal Profile Analysis)
  • MBTI (Psychological Type Assessment)
  • BIP (Occupational Personality Description)
  • BOMAT-Short (Cognitive Abilities)
  • RADIX (4 different cases tailored to the job situation)
  • Factfinder (Analytical case of an unknown situation)

Oral Procedure

  • Business Case: Candidates receive a business case created by certified advisca assessors based on the future position. Candidates are provided with realistic data to analyze, evaluate, and derive scenarios (100 days, 1 year, 5 years).

  • Candidate Interview: Candidates discuss their resume, company affiliations, leadership roles, technical environment, customer relationships, encountered challenges, risks, successes, and lessons learned. Additionally, candidates provide insights into their personal motivation factors and achievements. The interview also delves into the candidate's past and current personal situation, and expectations, desires, goals, and future perspectives are presented.

  • Feedback: Our advisca experts inform candidates about the results of the written tests. Additionally, feedback is provided on the perception regarding the presentation and content of the business case. The feedback session also serves as an opportunity for test takers to reflect on their self-perception and external perception. 

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