Key questions from our clients:

  • Who is fit for a home office?
  • How and when do you recognise burnout tendencies?
  • How do you optimise the output of your employees?
  • Can we guarantee a 100% job suitability?
  • How do you recognise the potential of an employee?
  • What is an optimal team output?

Use our Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

We offer you the solution!

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Your key to knowledge about behaviour and personality!

With the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and Team Interaction Optimization (TIO), exciting opportunities arise to analyze and strengthen your teams, taking team spirit and collaboration to a new level.

Have you already conducted and evaluated your employee survey? We are here to assist you in achieving the optimal implementation! 

Our solutions can help you answer important questions:

✔    Who on your team is best suited for remote work?

✔    Are there signs of burnout tendencies among your employees?

✔    How does pressure affect performance and output in your company?

✔    Which employees are best suited for specific tasks and positions?

✔    What potentials and development opportunities lie within your team?

✔    How can you optimize team dynamics?


We offer you our Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and Team Interaction Optimization (TIO) to assist you in answering these questions

Personal - Profile - Analysis (PPA)

  • Building efficient and successful teams
  • Filling vacant positions optimally and sustainably
  • Identifying employees with potential for the next career step

We rely on the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) among other tools - do you as well?

We analyze employees and provide you with in-depth knowledge about intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors. Additionally, we focus on aspects such as dominance, execution strength, introversion and extroversion, balance, accuracy, fears, value beliefs, behavior in stressful situations (pressure), and potential frustration factors - all with the highest level of significance.


Your added value - Benefits of PPA 

  • Quick - the online questionnaire takes only 7-8 minutes to complete
  • Reliable - Our assessment meets the requirements of the renowned Britisch Psychologists Society (BPS) for assessment procedures
  • Simple - accessible anywhere via the internet
  • Accurate - excludes emotional assessments
  • Effective - improves employee retention and enhances the hiring process

Our PPA Evaluation - Made Easy

  • PPA Profile: The PPA profile provides an in-depth analysis of strengths and limitations in the workplace, motivational preferences and values, as well as fears. It also provides information about dealing with stressful situations and potential frustrations.
  • Graphs and numerical values: Compare employees' self-image or potential with their behavior under pressure and their behavior in the workplace. Our certified team analyzes and interprets the graphics for you, allowing for informed statements about the employees' behavioral styles and suitability for specific positions.
  • Feedback: Employees receive a report that informs them about the unique values they bring to the organization. The goal of the feedback is to improve self-assessment and increase motivation.
  • Structured interview: Trained HR experts create a questionnaire based on the individual PPA. The questionnaire serves as a guide for a structured interview focused on the strengths and limitations of the candidates.VPA fix



TIO: The Success Concept of Your Optimal Team Setup

The way we work has changed, leading to a sense of isolation for many of us. Often, our actions deviate from our authentic self-image, and we struggle to build meaningful relationships with our colleagues — let alone create an enriching work culture.


The working world has transformed

  • It's time for a new approach: Team Interaction Optimization (TIO) supports the development of a more comprehensive, individual self-understanding as well as a better understanding of others — for more effective daily interactions.

  • By using TIO, teams can collectively evolve and create a harmonious and successful organizational environment with improved chemistry.
    The better we understand each other, the better we can collaborate.
  • TIO provides us with the information we need to build a culture of mutual respect and appreciation for our unique talents, personalities, and contributions.
  • TIO helps us work together and achieve more collectively.
  • TIO is what has been missing in teamwork so far!

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