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advisca Assessments - The right basis for decision making

The advisca assessment team is certified and creates independent individual and team assessments using scientifically sound methods. During the assessment we analyze the fit of the candidates to current and future positions, their performance and potenzials, as well as the ability to implement the future challenges as a team leader, manager, expert, C-level executive.


New working time models change the world of work

Due to the new forms of work such as home office, part-time work, agile teams, etc., employers are challenged. The team must be newly and optimally coordinated with each other and this is exactly where assessments come into their own to determine, for example:

- how does the employee or a team react to change?

- can the leader actively initiate and efficiently manage change?

- can an employee or leader reflect and adapt to changing conditions?


The Assessment Resulate shows a detailed look at strengths and potenzials:

Assessments help to evaluate final candidates or to assess and develop talents in the existing organization. Our scientifically based assessments provide a well-rounded picture of industry knowledge (real 48h business case), anchoring and knowledge of the market, leadership qualities, character traits, motivation, self-drive, doer qualities, implementation strength, values etc,

- clear differentiation of top talents

- the potenzials are quickly and clearly recognizable


advisca Assessments

The advisca assessment team is certified and creates independent:

  • Aptitude and potenzial assessments for new hires
  • Potenzial assessment before function changes
  • Planning of development steps of employees


These independent aptitude and potenzial assessments are based on a combination of e.g:

  • Performance tests
  • Personality inventories
  • Case studies
  • Computer simulation games
  • Interview simulations
  • Business case specific to the function
  • Presentation

Form and exercise mix are tailored to the requirements of the target function in each case.

The advisca business experienced, psychologically trained assessors rely on scientifically proven concepts and make reliable statements and forecasts.

We analyze competencies

The advisca assessment's focus is on the optimal fit of people to the respective function, in order to avoid cost-intensive wrong appointments, as to elicit the potenzial and further development of people.

We analyze:

  • Visionary power / strategic thinking
  • Goal-oriented leadership / influence
  • Political intuition / communication
  • Change initiative / innovative strength
  • Resilience / frustration tolerance Willingness to take risks
  • Common sense
  • Negotiation skills / persuasiveness
  • Team leadership / integrity
  • employee development / conflict management
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Systematic problem solving ability
  • The advisca assessment's focus is on the optimal fit of people to the respective function, in order to avoid cost-intensive wrong appointments, as to elicit the potential and further development of people.


Your advantages

advisca assessments make your personnel decisions more reliable and support you specifically in talent development and retention management.

  • Proven Assessment Center
  • You receive a clear basis for decision-making
  • Potenzial recognition of the future cadre
  • We exclude emotional decisions
  • advisca works with proven methods
  • advisca uses the latest, validated toolsu

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Consulting: Heinz Reinhard, Alex Sägesser
Business Office: Kristina Cavara, Barbara Novcic

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